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What if you could let go of worry and feel powerful and confident?  What if you knew what to do with each emotion?

Get Step-by-step proven instructions on how to be at peace in any situation and why it is not only possible, but powerful.  

Enjoy healthy relationships with yourself
and those you love.

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This is your time.

Know Who You Are

You are unlimited potential,
learn how to access your power.

Know What You Control

Letting go is an art form. Realize exactly what is yours and lighten your load now.

Enjoy Boundaries

Boundaries are meant to protect what is most sacred to you, here's how.

7 Steps to Feel Peace

7 Sessions. Step-by-step directions. Watch video, enjoy audio practices, and download simple ebooks.

Get to the Root.

Understand Body/Mind

Master emotional emotional health and know what to do in the moment.

Stop Suffering

 Receive practices for peace. 
Letting go is a practice.

Feel Free

Enjoy a new level of confidence to do what you are meant to do.

Feel Peace.

Anne Adametz is a Yoga Therapist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Mentor who has helped thousands of people in relationship or health crisis, stressed out with work, or at a crossroads in life, to understand emotions, connect to self and find peace now.

These are the Top 7 Most Requested Sessions to feel peace in short, easy to integrate sessions.

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"On Boundaries 101: This is INCREDIBLE!!! I loved how step by step it was. Sharing about family made it very relatable and I was able to see clearly how I could apply this to my current boundary challenge. Thank you for sharing this with me. I implemented this tonight. I felt starting with what was sacred helped set the stage for a more positive outcome AND the conversation went the best it could. She was instantly accountable and apologetic. So much gratitude"

Andrea Russell
Yoga Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner

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7 Courses, Ebooks, Audios, Guided Meditations



+ Know Who You Are 

+ Know What You Control

+ Alleviate Suffering

+ How To Meditate

+ Option to add a 1:1 Session with Anne for 1/2 off @ Checkout

+ Guided Meditations for:
- Waking up Aligned
- Better Sleep
- Letting Go of Fear
- Anxiety Relief & More!

+ Emotions 101

+ Boundaries 101

+ Email Support

+ Facebook Group

+ Course Updates

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Single Course: Boundries 101



 + Video Course on Boundaries

+ Group Coaching Audios Recordings

+ Guided Meditation

+ Email Support

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Single Course: Emotions 101



+ Video Course introducing each emotion

+ Audio Recordings

+ Guided Meditations

+ Email Support

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Mentoring 1:1


5 Sessions $42 Off

Would you love individual support, the exact steps in your particular situation? How would it feel to breakthrough barriers, blocks and get unstuck?  Each of the 5 sessions is life-changing. Via phone/videochat or in person where available. Limited availabllity.

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Anne Adametz

I have worked with CEO's, Moms, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Experts, nearly every profession, walk of life, and the root answers are the same.   This 7 session course are the answers to questions struggling clients have asked me most. They are the tools I am using every single day.

This course distills the understanding the psychology of yoga, the self care techniques from Chinese Medicine, and 15 years of clinical integration of these principles with clients, curated for you to begin now. Easier than ever.

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"I’d say I’m easy going and definitely a people pleaser, which makes saying no and putting up boundaries hard for me. I took the boundaries course and it really helped me put into practice using and upholding these boundaries. Identifying what my true values are and that I can say no, and do what’s best for me in a positive and good way has been huge in my life. I’ve learned I can have appropriate boundaries and still be a nice person who’s really just controlling what I do and how I keep peace in my life. Walking through these steps and taking the time to do each step really helps you make and uphold these boundaries. "

Emma V.
Childcare Specialist

For every course you purchase, this course is given free to youth in need.

You have the answers, access them.

This is your time.

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